Friday, 26 September 2014

I Heart... VSCO Cam

We love a good photo editing app here at I Heart Snapping and I'm sharing my favourite with you today - VSCO Cam. I'd seen VSCO (Visual Supply Co) film effects for Lightroom and loved the look of them so I was thrilled when I found out there was a version for phones and it was free! It was one of the first editing apps I got and is probably the one I use the most. 

The first thing that I really like about VSCO Cam is that it gives you better camera control. You can change focus, white balance and exposure, edit your photo and then share from the same app. I find it really simple to use which is really important to me, I want to make my adjustments quickly and easily and not spend ages working out how an app works or applying loads of effects to get the look that I want. It's really easy to make basic changes like cropping, adjusting exposures and shadows then there's a range of different filters to suit different styles and you can control the strength of the filter too or you can make tweaks yourself to get the look you want. If you want more filter options, you can add filters and collections through in-app purchases for around 69p (my favourite is the S series collection for a bright look and vivid colours). Once you're done, it's nice and easy to share across as many platforms as you'd like.

When you open the app, you have a few different options. To start editing, you can either take a photo using the camera tool within the app or you can import from your existing photos by clicking on "library".

Next up, all the filter options and as you can see, it's really easy to adjust the strength of your chosen filter and to make basic adjustments.

Finally, share on your chosen platform. I share my photos through Instagram or Facebook but VSCO Cam isn't just photo editing… You can also sign up for a free VSCO Grid profile. VSCO Grid is new on the block, it's not a social media thing - there's no commenting, no "liking" although you can follow people and exhibit your best photos. You can view interesting articles and the best from the Grid through the "journal" feature. I'll warn you now, if you start looking at all the amazing photos, before you know it 10 minutes will have gone by! There are some incredibly talented people sharing their photos and all taken on a mobile…just amazing!

Do you like VSCO Cam? If you're a VSCO Cam user then we'd love to see your photos, hashtag them #iheartsnapping so that we can see. Happy snapping!